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Mixed Olives

A Mix of Green and Black Olives Marinated in Garlic, Citrus and Thyme £2.80

Rustic Bread

A Mix of Rustic Sourdough Bread Served With Balsamic Vinegar & Oil & our homemade Aioli £3.20

Pan Catalan

A Traditional Spanish Dish. Chargrilled Rustic Bread Topped With Plum Tomatoes and Garlic £3.60

Hummus from Campo Blanco Restaurant in Whitefield Manchester 

Hummus & Flatbread

Traditional Hummus Topped With Fresh Chilli and Tapenade Served With Crispy Flatbread £4.60

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Campo Blanco Tapas Restaurant Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese 

Meat & Cheese Platter

Premium Spanish Serrano Ham, Chorizo & Lomo Served With Manchego Cheese, Quince Jelly & Fig Chutney


Choose a Carb

Fried Potatoes 4.00 GF, VE

Sweet Potatoes 4.00 GF, VE

Fried Halloumi 5.00 V

Choose a Topping

Beef, Crispy Onions & Chipotle Mayo +1.00

Bravas Sauce, Chorizo Bits & Aioli +1.00

Beetroot Mayo, Feta & Crispy Onions +1.00 V



Spanish Omelette

A homemade Spanish classic. A crispy, thick Omelette made with Eggs, Potatoes and Roasted Pepper 4.70 GF, V

Fried Peppers

assortment of roasted baby peppers drizzled in green mojo 4.60 GF, VE

Campo Blanco Restaurant in Whitefield Tapas

Goat’s Cheese Bon Bons

Seasoned goat’s cheese balls, Fried and served on beetroot and mint mayonnaise 4.90 V

SPINACH empanadas 

A street food classic. Shortcrust Pastry filled with Seasoned Spinach & Feta Cheese. Served with Pico de Gallo 5.60 V

Mushrooms with Blue Cheese Sauce

Chestnut mushrooms smothered in Pico Blue Cheese & Truffle sauce 4.60 V, VE*

Vegetarian Skewers with Tomato, Courgette, Mushroom and Onion 

Halloumi & Sweet Potato Skewers

Roasted and glazed Sweet Potato and Halloumi wrapped in Peppers marinated in Mojo Rojo & Honey served on a bed of Mint & Beetroot Mayo 6.60 V, GF 

Potatoes in Tomato Sauce

Fried New Potatoes tossed in our homemade Tomato Bravas Sauce 4.30 GF, VE add Garlic Aioli +0.20

Chickpeas and Spanish Omelette Tapas from Campo Blanco

Chickpeas & Spinach

Classic Chickpeas Cooked With Spinach, Mojo Rojo and topped with Feta Cheese 4.80 GF, V, VE*

Mixed Salad

Lamb Lettuce, Peppers, Red Onions, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber and Radish 3.20 GF, VE

Tomato and Manchego Salad from Campo Blanco in Whitefield 

Tomato & Manchego Salad

Heritage tomatoes served with onions and manchego cheese 4.60 GF, V, VE*



Spanish Style meatballs from Campo Blanco Tapas Restaurant in Bury Whitefield


A Spicy Tomato Sauce Mixed With Homemade Beef Meatballs £5.30

Chorizo in Red Wine

Spanish Chorizo Cooked in a Red Wine and Honey Glaze, topped with Caramelised & Cripsy Onions 5.30 GF*

Steak Medallions Whitefield Tapas Restaurant in Bury 

Steak Medallions

Tender Medallions of Beef, Drizzled in our Homemade Chimi Churri 6.40

One of our favourite Tapas Dishes at Campo Blanco Restaurant in Whitefield. Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese Croquettes. Delicious!

Ham & Cheese Croquettes

Serrano Ham & Manchego Cheese rolled into golden Bitesized Croquettes served on Garlic Aioli 5.90

A modern twist on a classic Paella. Pearl Barley topped with Pulled Beef from Campo Blanco in Bury

Beef Empanada

Our homemade Pulled Beef stuffed into Shortcrust Pastry. Served with Pico de Gallo 5.90


Tapas Black Pudding with Blue Cheese from Whitefield Tapas Restaurant Campo Blanco 

Black Pudding & Blue Cheese

Traditional Spanish Black Pudding Served With Pico blue cheese & Truffle sauce 4.90

Skewers made of Chicken and Spanish Chorizo with onion and peppers. Delicious! Only from Campo Blanco in Whitefield

Chicken & Chorizo Skewers

Chicken & Chorizo Marinated in Mojo Rojo Served on a Skewers With Red Onions 6.20 GF

Slow cooked lamb


Tender, slow-cooked Lamb marinated in Spicy Harissa, Preserved Lemons, Saffron & Onion Seeds 6.60 GF*


Crispy Chilli Chicken from Tapas Bar in Whitefield Manchester Campo Blanco  

Crispy Chilli Chicken

Succulent Fried Chicken Thighs Coated in our Homemade Spice Blend Served With Chillies, Spring Onions and Chipotle Mayo 5.90

Pescados y Mariscos


Garlic Prawns from Campo Blanco Tapas Restaurant in Whitefield

Garlic Prawns

King Prawns Marinated in a Garlic Tomato Sauce Served on a Hot Sizzling Skillet 6.20 GF

Crispy Squid Calamari Tapas from Campo Blanco near Prestwich

Crispy Chilli Squid

Deep Fried Squid Coated in our own Spice Blend Served With Chillies, Spring Onions and Aioli 5.60

Gin & Citrus Cured Salmon

Cured Salmon layered with Beetroot, Lettuce, Soya Beans & Cucumber. Thyme & Rosemary Crispbread on side 6.20 GF*

Tuna Steak from Campo Blanco in Whitefield

Tuna Tartare

Sashimi Grade Minced Tuna Steak mixed with Capers, Fresh Ginger and Aromatic Spices served with Sweet Potato & Beetroot Crisps and Pomegranate Seeds 5.90 GF*

Toasta de Boquerones

White Boquerones and Olives Served on Rustic Toast drizzled in Paprika Oil 4.80

Prawn Empanada

Shortcrust Pastry stuffed with Prawns and melted Mature Cheddar Cheese served with Pico de Gallo 5.90

Campo Blanco's Mussels with Garlicq

Crab mantecada

Homemade “Mantecada”  Manchego Biscuit topped with Devonshire Crab Meat mixed with Smoked Aioli, Avocado Cream and topped with a Radish and Chillies 5.90

Campo Blanco Battered Fish Bites

Battered Fish Bites

Bites of Fish Loin coated in our own Beer Batter served with Aromatic Pickled Onion and Tartare Sauce 5.80 GF


Please note, Paellas will take minimum 25 minutes to prepare and are recommended for a minimum of 2 persons

Vegan | Vegano

a mixture of fresh vegetables 15.00 GF, VE

Meat | Carne

chicken breast and chorizo 17.00 GF

Seafood | Mariscos

prawns, Fish, mussels & squid 18.00 GF

Mixed | Mixta

Veg, chicken, chorizo, prawns, fish, mussels & squid 19.00 GF

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